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Q-point is valid for 6 months from Info here from other contributors shadow84 wrote: My contribution to this thread.

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If you are unable to fufil any section, kindly set it to zero. Do look at the second tab for some of the rules that i follow. Gosh, everyone here seem to be going around in circles with the qoo10 points 6 months expiry thing. Think denial86 reported previously that they had enquired and gotten feedback from the CSOs: In essence, qoo10 has cripped the points garnering ability of the avid qoo10 points hoaders who are saving to offset for big purchases.

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Qoo10 Promo codes and Discounts | February | Cardable

Yes that was the understanding we got from asking the CS. Old one still subjected to 2yrs validity. But is "first in first out" logic, means better make sure your 2yr validity clear within 6months also so that the points acquired from 16th feb onwards won't expire before u get to use them anyway. It really doesn't make much of a difference haha. Please wait while we process your rating. Try our best Qoo10 coupon. Expires in 1 days.

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Expires in 5 days. Expires in 15 days. Get the latest deals and coupons right in your inbox! Thanks for signing up, you'll be receiving coupons and deals in no time! Expires in 7 days. Use Agoda Booking Code. Enter the coupon codes at the checkout page. Regulars on this site can find amazing discounts in the form of daily deals. This section has various products that go on sale every day. A merchant may slash their rates by significant amounts across their product range for a limited time.

Consumers who prefer a particular store over others can go regularly on the site and track the merchant for best deals and offers. Along with these daily and rotational Qoo10 discounts, individuals can also reap major benefits during festivals such as Chinese New Year and Wesak.

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During these times, there are numerous Qoo10 coupon codes on offer. These coupon codes are available for a variety of amounts, each with a minimal amount to hit before it could be used. Complete with favourable pricing throughout the site during these seasons, expensive items such as those for home living and technology are now available at exceptional prices by reputed sellers, allowing consumers to buy whatever they want without breaking the bank. Promotions on the website are another great way for consumers to save money while knowing about all the latest brands and products. With extensive deals and mega savings, these promos codes are an ideal addition to the shopping experience on Qoo With all the discounts and coupon codes offered by Qoo10, customers can enjoy even better prices by shopping through ShopBack.

By using this website, customers can get additional cashback that makes the shopping experience better and more economical. For those concerned about complicated paths for these cashbacks, fret not. The process is quite simple.

Simply login to your Malaysian ShopBack account and click on the Qoo10 merchant page. Choose the Qoo10 coupon code you prefer and click on shop now. Along with the discount benefits offered by Qoo10, you will now receive additional cashback from ShopBack. Once you have completed the transaction, the cashback will be reflected in your account.

On top of that, keep yourself updated with exclusive Qoo10 promotions that is refreshed on the ShopBack page almost daily.

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One can simply follow them on Facebook or Twitter to know about the latest offerings. These social media portals are also a great way for customers to interact with the brand, share their feedback and be informed of products they may have missed in a sea of similar things on the site. These pages specially cater to Malaysian deals and are ideal for customers in Malaysia to know the latest products available in their country. You might also want to check out similar stores such as 11street or Lazada for more online shopping.

This online marketplace has taken the e-commerce world by storm with its extensive range of products and daily deals.

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A popular name in every Malaysian household, this online portal seeks to offer customers every product or brand they may need, from food and fashion to home, technology and a lot more. While online shopping has received unmatched popularity across the globe with some steady online websites, a multitude of deals and a host of merchants ensures that this site has something to offer everyone and often at the best price. Qoo10 is nothing like your typical website but elevates the experience with multiple deals, extensive products, innovative rewards and other features.

Their brand name itself highlights this with 'Q' symbolising quest, 'oo' the search and '10' for perfection. The company was founded by Ku Young Bae, an engineer who was attracted to the concept of online shopping websites like eBay but felt they were still lacking something.

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